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The All Streets Experiment


  1. A baby — six weeks old at the start of the experiment — who loves to be outside.
  2. The babyʼs dad, who knows heʼs in this for the long haul, doesnʼt look forward to only circling his block for the next couple two-three years, and wants to keep things fresh and interesting.

General questions

  1. Where can we walk in and around Clarkʼs Summit?
  2. Where can we walk in and around Clarkʼs Summit with a stroller?
  3. Which businesses are stroller- and baby-friendly?


  1. Can we reach all streets of the borough on foot (and with a stroller)?
  2. Can we do so safely?

How walkable is Clarkʼs Summit?

We know there are sidewalks and well-marked crosswalks along State Street between Grove Street and Winola Road, but what about the rest of our community? How easy and safe is it to walk to the library, the supermarket, our schools and playgrounds? What if youʼre not just walking but also pushing a stroller?

A borough resident and newly minted dad set out to find out.